1 November 2018


Women University, Swabi Celebrates A Chemical Sciences Day with Special Children

With Special Child Women University, Swabi celebrated a chemical sciences day with special children of Swabi Blind School, Gullu Dheri. Twenty special students along with their Faculty members celebrated the day at the Women University Swabi’ campus. The Vice Chancellor Women University, Swabi, Prof. Khanzadi Fatima Kahttak, FRSC, FCSP chaired the event. At the occasion Sir John Stranger Holman, President, Royal Society of Chemistry, Prof. Tom Simpson, University of Bristol and Prof. Mike Moss, University of Oxford, Prof. C. M. Asharf, Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry and Vice Chancellor Bacha Khan University, Charsadda, Pro. Dr. S.M Saqlan Naqvi were present. Small chemistry experiments were conducted by Prof. Khattak and Sir John Holman, in such a way, so that the visually impaired children could feel the essence of chemistry. They were told the difference between solid, liquid and gas. The children were able to understand the difference and they were very happy with their learning.
At this occasion the Vice Chancellor Prof. Khattak, said that special persons are part of us and they can understand sciences as the others. The found the activity exciting and all of a sudden they realized that this is Chemistry. She further added that chemistry appreciates the beauty and essence of the nature. It is the scared pleasure of the University to create sense of ownership, self-esteem and affection among these special angles. Sir John Holman appreciated the idea of arranging chemistry experiments for special persons to make them feel good and also appreciate chemistry. He called it a memorable experience at Women University, Swabi that can inspire community to come together to make the dreams of these seraph come true.