30 March 2020


Press Release

google_classroom In the pursuance of the instructions of the Government and the Guidelines of the Higher Education Commission Islamabad, in the wake of declaration of COVID-19 pandemic by the WHO, the Women University Swabi will remain closed till 30th May 2020 or till further orders, whichever is earlier. The staff and faculty shall not attend the office till further orders. They shall, however, remain on station for official work and/or correspondence.

The HEC in its "Guidance # 04", has given option to Universities to either go for online classes or otherwise prepare for online classes till 30th May 2020 and immediately start it by 1st June 2020 in case the face-to-face classes are not resumed if the prevailing situation persists. In case the face-to-face classes are resumed by the mentioned date, even then it will be very tough to conclude the running semester timely and to start the subsequent semester. After thoroughly considering all the parameters, circumstances and scenarios discussed in the aforementioned HEC document, the University, in the best interest of the students and faculty, has decided to pursue with the online classes in order to reduce risk factor and to safeguard the precious time of the students as well as to avoid educational loss of the ongoing semester.

Starting 23rd March 2020, Women University Swabi has shifted to online teaching in spite of the limited resources and constraints. All the 18 departments of the university have been shifted more than 400 courses on Google classrooms and online lectures are being conducted successfully.

Reasonable internet speed is important for accessing real-time online lectures. Which is not always available in Pakistan, especially for students who have already left for their hometowns in remote areas. Keeping in view the challenges we have developed course contents which will be disbursed online. Our online courses will be supported by video lectures, presentations (PPT) and book references which are being uploaded on Google classrooms as well as on WhatsApp. The practical and lab work that is required for the courses will be carried out once the face-to-face mode of teaching is resumed.

The University has opted to use Google classrooms for delivering content because it is a professional platform (android App is also available) where both teachers and students can have a record of lectures in more organized form and it can be used for future reading as it allows offline delivery of material which can be downloaded over a period. Also, it can be used for uploading assignments and quizzes given the deadline. On the same time, we will be uploading necessary materials on WhatsApp groups as per students demand and convenience. Because it’s a platform being used by almost all students and teaching staff.

Though this is a very new thing for both the faculty and students to teach and learn online but this is need of the hour to safeguard the precious time of the students. Also, we would like to advise students to continue their learning process and keep actively involved by studying the material sent to them.

Students are advised to get their assignments done which will help them in learning independently and if there are queries, they need to stay in touch with their respective teachers on WhatsApp groups. And to refer to material sent to you by the teachers and if possible, also search for online videos and tutorial for self-learning. You need to complete your degree in time without delay as no one can predict the time when we can resume normal face-to-face teaching.

Stay safe at home, avoid going out, avoid gatherings and follow all the precautions. We pray that ALLAH helps us in going through this difficult time.