16 August 2018


Road Safety Seminar jointly organized by Women University Swabi and National Highways & Motorway Police (Sector M-1)

Road Safety Women University Swabi and National High ways and Motor police has jointly organized a one day seminar on road safety for the students, teachers and staff of the Women University Swabi. The aim of the seminar was to create awareness regarding the road safety and abiding by the traffic rules to minimize road accidents. The officials of Motor police have shown the figures that thousands of people are died or disabled due to road accidents every year globally. The official has shared the situation in Pakistan regarding the road accidents have also very worst and every year thousands of people are died or disabled due to their negligence and not abiding by the rules and principles of traffic. Through the help of multimedia he has shown that how important is the vigilance of driver is required while driving on different roads and weather conditions. He has emphasized the use of side mirrors, fastening of seat belt and no use of mobile phone during driving. Beside that he also touched the following topics:

  • Basic Traffic rules and regulation.
  • Road signs.
  • Pedestrian Safety.
  • Vehicle fitness.
  • Defensive Driving in Different weather and road conditions.
  • Proper Use of lights, indicators etc.
  • Road sense.
  • Difference between lane and line.
  • Right of way.
  • Advantages of wearing seat belt and helmet.
  • Prohibited/Disadvantages of using cell phone while driving.
  • Proper Use of mirrors.
  • Dangerous of over-speeding
  • Maintaining a safe distance while driving.

The Honorable Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr.Khanzadi Fatima Khattak has addressed the gathering in the concluding session of the seminar; she thanked the National High Way and Motor police (NH & MP) officials and Mr. Fawad Ahmad, Additional Director Administration, Women University Swabi for arranging informative and important seminar on road safety. Further she added that in future being a responsible public institution we are ready to work jointly with NH & MP at the best interest of the public. Prof Khattak has also offered that Women University Swabi would be instrumental in beatification as well as plantation on motorways. She also thanked Mr. Ihsan, DSP, NH and MP for attending the seminar and also shields were exchanged among the two officials.