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Arabic Language Course

Arabic Language Courses are an outstanding and unique venture, which aims at teaching Arabic language to the students and teaching faculty under the supervision of highly-skilled and professionally trained instructors.


To teach local and foreign students Arabic language and literature; and equip them with the capability of comparing Islam with other religions, by creating an environment of research and analysis of issues confronting today’s modern world, through encouraging knowledge generating activities among the students.


A fair understanding of Arabic language is a key to understand the meaning and message of not only the Holy Qur’an, but the primary sources of Islamic thoughts also. Therefore, Women university of Swabi offers short Arabic language courses to the students of this university but also for the students of outside. After completion of the Program, the students should be able to: * To make the students aware of history of Arab world, its geographical, cultural, political and economic conditions. * To enable the students to study the works of renowned writers, poets and critics of Arabic language and literature. * To equip the students with the skill of reading, writing and speaking Arabic. * To enable the students to conduct research on various topics * To create in the students the capability of translating documents from English/ Urdu to Arabic and vice versa

Course Outline

These courses are designed in the way that a student can learn how to understand Quran directly through grammatical rules and reading comprehension and how a word changes its form and gets new meanings in the Quran. Along with an extensive spoken material with drills and vocabulary from daily life. It includes reading skills through text reading with correct pronunciation and the explanation of difficult words and its usages. These courses are divided into three skills


Grammar rules, examples of grammatical analysis from holy Quran Hadith and Arabic texts


Reading of Arabic text with correct pronunciation, meaning of difficult words and its usage.

Speaking skills

Reading and listening of dialogue from daily life.
Making sentences verbally using 1,2,3, 4....words by the students
Audio and video speaking sessions for the students.

Four Weeks Short Course for Beginner Students

Duration: Four Weeks (16 Days only)
9:00am to 12:00pm
12 Hours per week
1st 1 Written Comprehension 1 Hour daily
1st 2 Applied Grammar 1 Hour daily
1st 3 Oral Comprehension 1 Hour daily

Admission Last Date: 10 July 2018 and Classis will be start from 16th of July 2018.
Fees: 3000 Rupees
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