Chancellor's Message

Education is the most precious investment which can bring sustainable economic growth, prosperity, peace, gender equality, compassion, open mindedness, and social development. It not only helps individuals to become knowledgeable and skillful, but also guides them to live their lives with dignity, responsibility and purposely.

Females, being about half of the world’s population can contribute enormously in socioeconomic development, which can result in stable and accountable global societies and governments. Promotion of female’s education is the top most priority of the present Government. Through education, we can empower our young females and turn them into useful citizens of the society.

I am hopeful that the establishment of Women University Swabi would prove to be a milestone in imparting quality education, knowledge, research expertise and social responsibility not only in the female students of the province but the entire country.

I have no doubt that this historic breakthrough and headway in streamlining the capacity of University would have been impossible without the sincere perseverance and diligence of the Vice Chancellor and her competent team. Such a spirit guarantees the enhancement of learning in future, adding new dimensions to female’s higher education by leaps and bounds.

I offer all my support to Women University Swabi and assure the University’s Administration that this office will always support the University's core mission and strategic goals.

My sincere advice is to focus on the University’s very motto of Character, Knowledge and Responsibility which is indeed the way forward to ensure a progressive and dynamic future.

I wish great success for the University and hope that it will achieve still greater heights and everlasting success in times to come.

Shah Farman
Chancellor, Women University Swabi
  Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa