(To be provided by the student on a Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs. 50/- on her admission)

    Miss/Mrs. ___________________________________________ Daughter of ___________________________________ student of ________________________ at Women University Swabi do hereby solemnly undertake that;

    1. My admission granted by the Admission Committee shall be provisional and will not mean any commitment or entail any legal entitlement till it is confirmed by the Vice Chancellor and registration by the university is completed.
    2. In first semester, I may be allowed to change the course within seven (07) days of my admission provided that the admission committee of the concerned department agrees.
    3. During my stay in the University, I shall diligently apply myself to acquire and develop the skills necessary for the practice and advancement of the field of study I get enrolled in.
    4. I shall have minimum attendance of 75% in all courses offered by the department in a semester in order to qualify for the examinations according to University rules.
    5. I shall never use violence or threat of violence of pressure. In case of any dispute with others all means and methods shall only be logic persuasion, petition, appeal, revision, review and other legal and peaceful methods for the of difference of disputes.
    6. In case of false information provided by the applicant(s), they will forfeit the right of admission. Further, if the documents attached were found fake, they will cease have the right of admission for being guilty of gross misconduct & a criminal act on the part of the candidate.
    7. The Medical Fitness Certificate should be provided with this Undertaking from any Government Hospital. She would be communicate the University of any Medical Issue before joining University.
    8. That I shall accept all provisions of the statues, regulations and rules as may hereafter be framed by the appropriate authorities of the University.
    9. Furthermore, I do hereby solemnly undertake to refrain from:
    10. Doing anything which may cause injury or insult to Head of Department, teachers, officers and other staff of the institution.
    11. Indulging in any kind of unfair means and malpractices in examination by any means.
    12. Allowing and abetting the entry to the premises of the University of Expelled Students, anti-social elements or other groups whose presence on the campus could cause conflict amongst the students.
    13. Damaging any University property, including buildings, equipment, vehicles etc, in any manner.
    14. From all such acts and deeds as might bring disgrace and bad name to the University.


    Furthermore, I do hereby solemnly undertake and affirm on oath that I shall not indulge in any politics whatsoever nor shall be a member of any political party/students federation or any group during my stay in the University.
    I am fully aware that if I violate this undertaking and the head of my department gives under her seal/ signature a finding that I have indulged in politics I shall be expelled from the department without any further notice.


                                                                                                                                        Signature of Student 

    I,                                                                                              Resident of                                                                                                                                                                                                                   undertake that my daughter who has furnished the above undertaking shall not violate it. In case she violates this undertaking she shall suffer punishment as stated in this undertaking.


                                                                                                                                                      Signature of Parent/Guardian

                 Head of Department

    Witness-1.                                                                                          Witness-2.

    Signature:  _________________________________                   Signature:  _________________________________   
    Name: _____________________________________                  Name: _____________________________________
    CNIC No. ___________________________________                CNIC No.___________________________________
    Address: ____________________________________                Address:  ___________________________________
    ____________________________________________                 ___________________________________________

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