19 May 2020


Women University, Swabi conducted a webinar for Faculty members in the era of Corona Pandemic on topics related to Covid-19 on 19/05/2020

More than 25 faculty members attended an online session from their homes. The session was comprised of two lectures. The first lecturer Increased Cyber Security Threats during Pandemic & Preventive Measures was delivered by AsfandAusaf in which he says that Cybersecurity threats are moving very quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this poses unique problems for mitigating such risks. He said that criminals think very wisely, they use their minds also in this Pandemic situation and are creating specific fraudulent COVID-19 websites, apps, and digital tools which secretly deploy malware onto systems that navigate to them. The second lecture was delivered by Psychologist MahnoorLaila on the Role of Females & Educators in coping with Covid-19. She said that due to COVID19 Stress and disruption caused by crises often aggravate underlying norms that lead to gender-based violence. China, France, and elsewhere have already reported cases of domestic violence during the COVID19 crisis, particularly as a result of necessary stay-at-home measures. In Pakistan also few cases are reported. She said that housewives' duties are increased in this COVID19 and this time it is the utmost duty of every woman that tackles this situation with care.