Centre for Arabic & Islamic Studies

The Department of Islamiat is one of the founding Departments of the rapidly growing UniversityThe University of Swabi For Woemen. The Department of Islamiat is one of the pioneer teaching units of US for womens and as such has a leading role in achieving the objectives for which this Islamic learning Department was established. The following is a birds eye views of these objectives:


Sharing towards making of a knowledgeable, tolerant, prosperous and refined society united under the banner of Quran and Sunnah.


1:- Upgrading the Department of Islamiyat to the Faculty of Islamic Studies.
2:- Initiation of Quran Cell for spreading the real message of Quran.
3:- Further strengthening of research at MPhil and PhD levels addressing the contemporary issues.


The overall objective of the Department of Islamiyat is to provide quality education in Islamic Studies, to enhance proficiency in research methods and to enable students to apply this knowledge and skills for betterment of the society. The Department also expects its graduates to play key role in bridging the gaps between Mawlawi and Mister and enhance harmony in the country. Inculcating in students strong Muslim identity, fostering brotherhood, and strengthening moral character. Integrating Islamic Revealed knowledge and Human Sciences in a positive manner. To produce better quality intellectuals and scholars by integrating the qualities of faith (Iman), knowledge (ilm) and good character(akhlaq) to serve as agents of comprehensive and balanced progress as well as sustainable development in Pakistan and in the Muslim World. Arranging conferences/seminars for the improvement of academics to equip the students with highly professional skills for their career both at National and International levels. Major focus on proper recitation and understanding of Al-Qur’an and true interpretation of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). To produce competent scholars who are well versed in basic Islamic disciplines and capable of guiding the Muslim Ummah in molding its life in accordance with the teachings of Islam. To familiarize the Muslim youth with contemporary ideologies and philosophies threatening the very existence of Islamic communities and train them in the methods to combat their influence in the Muslim world. To educate the students about the modern sociological and psychological theories that would enable them to understand the psychology of the masses and the socioeconomic environments surrounding them.