Department of Mathematics

Name: Sumbel Shahid
Designation: Lecturer
Department: Mathematics
Faculty: Teaching
Qualification: M.Phil
Area of Specialization: Applied Mathematics
Contact Number -
Email Address:
Honors/Awards/Medals: -
Research Interest and Courses teaching: Research Interest: PDEs solution using Haar Function

Courses Teaching:
  1. Advanced group theory
  2. Advanced group theory-II
  3. Functional analysis-II
  4. Algebra-I
  5. Topology-I
  6. Topology-II
  7. Functional Analysis-I
  8. Affian and Euclidean Geometry
  9. Graph Theory
  10. Group Theory
  11. Numerical Analysis-I
  12. Numerical Analysis-II
  13. Linear Algebra
  14. Measure Theory-I
  15. Measure Theory-II
  16. Real Analysis-I
  17. Real Analysis-II
  18. Complex Analysis-I
  19. Complex Analysis-II
  20. Number Theory
Projects: -
  • Ostrowski Type Inequalities Involving Conformable Fractional Integrals¬†
  • Fixed points for a-type contractive mapping in g-metric space satisfying contractive condition of integral type
Brief portfolio:
1. Member of BOS committee.
2. Provide data to Examination section, Academic Section, FAD, Registrar Office, Finance section.
3. Strategic Plan and Annual report
4. Member of FAD
5. Member of scrutiny committee