Pakistan Studies as a separate discipline owes its establishment to an Act of the parliament that was passed in 1976. The purpose of the creation of this discipline was to work for national integration, cohesion and solidarity on the one hand, and secondly it was a part of the government's initiative at curriculum development on the other. However, the actual classes could not begin earlier than February 1979 at the University of Peshawar and at other Universities. Since then Pakistan Studies is taught as a compulsory subject in schools, colleges, vocational Institutes, public and private universities both mainstream as well as professional. Pakistan Studies is a multi-disciplinary subject that includes the land and people, history, geography, economy, politics, flora and fauna and a multiplicity of other themes related to Pakistan. The department of Pakistan Studies at the Women University Swabi was established in December 2016. Presently, the fourth and final semester of the first batch is in progress and is about to be completed in a couple of months. Since September 2018, B.S. classes have also been launched. We also hope to spearhead M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes in the future.


Our vision is to transform the newly established department of Pakistan Studies into a highly professional and state- of- the- Art Institute where the quality of education and research would be according to international standards.


Our mission is to produce informed and well-versed graduates of Pakistan Studies who would be able to cater to the needs of their community or country in various capacities such as teachers, researchers, educationists, civil servants, judges, politicians and specialists in a host of other fields.


  • To disseminate among the students a sense of patriotism and idealism.
  • To catapult the intellectual curiosity of the students and create among them a sense of insatiable thirst for useful knowledge.
  • To develop a rich, presentable and specialized departmental library of Pakistan Studies.
  • To launch M.Phil/Ph.D programmes in Pakistan Studies in the future.