Department of Pakistan Studies


The Department of Pakistan Studies is newly established department of the Women university Swabi. It is established in 2017.

The Department of Pakistan studies basically deals with the various political, social and cultural arrangements in Pakistan through which people govern their lives which will help them to fulfill their economic and socio-cultural need. It reaches to many levels from the evolution of political philosophy and the character of contemporary political concepts to the problem of development in emerging nation, from the crisis of governs in Pakistan to the interactions of state, society and system in international area.


The Department envisions female students with an extensive understanding of the world and its diverse cultures through their critical, analytical, confident, and keen perception which they will gain from the courses offered.

We search for knowledge and research among the females of KPK.

  • To establish and strengthen relationships of the department with her counterparts in advance countries.
  • To bring syllabus of the department at par with those of developed nation.
  • To carve out the discipline in such a manner that can facilitate the establishment of more



The department offers courses that develop students' on the ideas of great thinker to the problems of cities ,war and peace, democracy and authoritarian political system international politics and economy ,human rights ,women and politics, Pakistan politics and foreign policy and other regions. Equipped with the best theoretical and practical knowledge during the course of their degree. The faculty endeavors’ hard to ensure that they do not compromise on the goals, which are

  • To develop confidence in female students
  • To enhance students' oral and written communication skills
  • To provide for young ,responsible and energetic leadership for induction to the different levels of elected institutions
  • To ensure Transformation for the political culture of Pakistan through the encouragement of public-spirited ,honest and patriotic leadership
  • To encourage the induction of such leadership who can ensure decency and fairness in the political processes of the country.


  • MSC (2 Years)

Faculty Name Designation Qualification
Ms. Saiqa bibi HOD/Lecturer MA/M.Phil (Political Science) (Hazara University Mansehra)
Ms. Hashima bibi Lecturer MA/(Political Science) ( Women University Swabi)
Ms. Sanam Zaffar Lecturer MA( Pakistan Studies) (University Of Peshawar)