25 March 2018


Women University Swabi and UK University of Cardiff signs Memorandum of Understanding on Academic Collaboration

VC Visits to UK Founded in 1883, the University of Cardiff, UK has signed a memorandum of understanding on Academic Collaboration with the Women University Swabi at a ceremony held at the University of Cardiff, UK. University of Cardiff Pro Vice-Chancellor College of Physical Sciences and Engineering,Prof. Rudolf Alleman, FRSC and Prof. Khanzadi Fatima Khattak, FRSC, the Vice-Chancellor, Women University, Swabi signed the agreement. Under this agreement, the two institutions will collaborate in research projects, study abroad programmes, summer schools, students, faculty and staff academic visits and training programmes. Under the leadership of Prof. Khanzadi Fatima Khattak, the Women University Swabi is fully committed to fulfilling its mission of empowering women through education.Building these global academic partnerships will enable the students, faculty and staff of Women University Swabi to develop skills, work closely with academics from the world leading universities and contribute to national and international research.

Glimpse of the offical visit of the vice chancellor to the UK University of Cardiff