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Women University Swabi, Topi Road,Gulo Dheri,
Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
    Fax No. 0938--
    +92-938-221191, 224222

Officer Designation/Office Official Email Phone
Vice Chancellor Secretariat vc@wus.edu.pk 0938-221191 OR 0938-224222 Ext No. 202
PS to VC, Vice Chancellor Secretariat pstovc@wus.edu.pk 0938-221191 OR 0938-224222 Ext No. 202
Project Coordinator manager@wus.edu.pk 0938-224222 Ext No. 212
Registrar registrar@wus.edu.pk 0938-221193 OR 0938-224222 Ext No. 203
COE, Examination coe@wus.edu.pk 0938-221158 OR 0938-224222 Ext No. 211
Professor, Chairperson Chemistry chairperson.chemistry@wus.edu.pk
Professor, Chairperson, Zoology chairperson.zoology@wus.edu.pk
Professor, Chairperson Social Work chairperson.socialwork@wus.edu.pk
Professor, Chairperson Law chairperson.law@wus.edu.pk
Associate Professor HoD, Botany hod.botany@wus.edu.pk
Assistant Professor HoD, Mathematics hod.mathematics@wus.edu.pk
Assistant Professor HoD, Statistics hod.statistics@wus.edu.pk
Assistant Professor HoD, Computer Science hodcs@wus.edu.pk
Assistant Professor HoD, Political Science hod.politicalscience@wus.edu.pk
Assistant Professor HoD, Islamic Studies hod.islamicstudies@wus.edu.pk
Assistant Professor HoD, Arts & Design hodartanddesign@wus.edu.pk
Assistant Professor HoD, Economics hod.economics@wus.edu.pk
Assistant Professor HoD, Management Sciences hod.managementsciences@wus.edu.pk
Assistant Professor HoD, Management Sciences hod.managementsciences@wus.edu.pk
Assistant Professor HoD, Urdu hodurdu@wus.edu.pk
Lecturer HoD, Pakistan Studies hodpakstudy@wus.edu.pk
Lecturer HoD, Psychology hod.psychology@wus.edu.pk
Lecturer HoD, English hodenglish@wus.edu.pk
Director Academics acad@wus.edu.pk 0938-224222 Ext No. 218
Director ORIC oric@wus.edu.pk 0938-224222 Ext No. 209
Director QEC qec@wus.edu.pk 0938-224222 Ext No. 206
Director FAD ddfad@wus.edu.pk 0938-224222 Ext No. 213
Asst. Manager Scholarship Scholarships@wus.edu.pk 0938-224222 Ext No. 213
Incharge IT IT@wus.edu.pk 0938-224222 Ext No. 215
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