Vice Chancellor's Message

Welcome to Women University Swabi

Welcome to Women University Swabi, a university that is committed to empower women through higher education and provide them opportunities to work in a wide array of settings such as education, business, industry, health, and social services sectors.

To me, the job of a university is not only to produce degree holders and commercially marketable human resources, but I believe it is more than that. Universities are required to produce loyal, honest and enlightened human beings who can empathetically understand the needs of society, reverentially work in both national and international community, and take better care of the future generations. Through its dynamic and sensible human resources, Universities can play an important role in building sagacious societies, respectful nations and socially responsible global community. Universities should, therefore, assist their students in developing independent and critical thinking, acquiring constructive reasoning, having respect for the ideas of others and building firm foundations of personal integrity and character. Graduates should be provided with an environment that values talent, innovation, andinmost grooming.

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