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4. Biotechology (Microbiology & Molecular)

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HOD Message:

The Department of Health Biotechology is one of the first departments formed in the women University Swabi. WUS is considered among the top universities of the region for its BS degree programs concocted to meet the ever-changing needs of the higher-education milieu of the country.
The degree is the combination of two highly pertinent fields in the society. The department currently offers a B.Sc. degree in two inter-relate disciplines of biological Sciences i.e. Health Biotechology by providing the high quality of education with well qualified teaching staff and hands on experience with current advances in the field to the scholars. The department is also planning to offer M.Sc. and ph. D. degree programs under well reputed and experienced faculty as well as a research program in the fields of Health Biotechology.

Dr. Dr. Amtul Sami

Chairperson (Health Biotechology)


The Department of Health Biotechology degree is the combination of two highly pertinent fields in the society. The department currently offers a B.Sc. degree in two inter-relate disciplines of biological Sciences i.e. Health Biotechology. B.S in Microbiology & Molecular Biotechnology degree allows investigating. Emphasis is placed on the environmental, industrial, clinical and research applications of Health Biotechology techniques, particularly focused on DNA research technology. A significant aspect of the course underlines the application of these technologies within biotechnological, medical and fundamental and applied aspects of microbiology & molecular biotechnology, environmental microbiology typical areas of study may include bimolecular, genetics of micro-organisms, environmental microbiology and techniques and applications in molecular biotechnology.
The curriculum designed for the BS Microbiology will prepare the graduates to cope up with the issues for wide spectrum of areas including Medicine, Dairy, Poultry, Agriculture and Industry. These groomed females will play a vital role in the economic growth would bring qualitative change in the above mentioned areas in the country. Internship in the curriculum will provide hands-on experience in different above mentioned fields. It will also create awareness about public health and safety and facilitate the establishment of liaison between microbiologist and societien industry.

Department Vision

The department of Health Biotechology desires to maintain its upright as a center of excellence for training in Health Biotechology in Swabi regional area. The department desires the respective students to prepare for a competitive and challenging world. We endeavor to formulate to a microbiologically and molecular biotechnology well-educated society through teaching (with classrooms, labs, and research), and service.

Department Mission

The department of Health Biotechology mission is to accomplish supremacy in the area of above mentioned two fields of biological science, research and public service by improving the principles of scientific investigation and innovative thinking, and supporting the scientific improvement of Pakistan. The department offers demanding research of populations whose career paths necessitate expertise in Health Biotechology. The department is committed to challenging standards for gratified knowledge, communication abilities, research worth, and proficient conduct. The mission is to train the learners for research to encounter the global ecological problems through Biological education. Department is dedicated to consolidate funding for research and improvement of infrastructure facilities.


BS (Health Biotechnology)

4-Years Program (08 Semesters)

Total Credit Hours (132 Hrs)

Admission Criteria:

Minimum 45% marks at intermediate (Pre-Medical) level or equivalent

2. Faculty Members

Dr. Amtul Sami

Incharge Biotechnology

Assistant Professor

Email: @gmail.com

Qualification: PhD Biotechnology

Dr. Shaila Mehwish

Assistant Professor

Email: shaila.mehwish@wus.edu.pk

Qualification: PhD Biotechnology

Ms. Karishma Khan


Email: @gmail.com

Qualification: MPhil

Ms. Faryal Ali


Email: @gmail.com

Qualification: MPhil Biotechnology

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