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Women University Swabi Sports Facilities/ACTIVITIES

Sports Facilities

To relieve academic pressures, sports have become an integral part of the extracurricular activities at Women University Swabi. Apart from the activities inside campus, student takes an active part in the tournaments that are held outside campus and sports fixtures with other academic universities. Student week is celebrated with the aim, to develop confidence and leadership qualities among students. The students to actively participate in competitions to explore their hidden talents to showcase the spirit of sportsmanship at any cost. The purpose for celebrating student Sport week is to provide a platform to students of women University, Swabi for proving their true potential in different sports and other activities,

Women University Swabi Career Development Center

Career Development

The Career Development Center (CDC), Women University Swabi is a specialized body, exclusively dedicated to equip and facilitate Women University Swabi’s graduatesfor respectable jobs, internship opportunities, trainings, workshops, entrepreneurships and higher studies. CDC is platform that would help the graduates to make rational decisions in the selection of job, best suited to their interests. CDC will assist students in terms of interview preparation, competitive examinations/tests, CVs preparation and other necessary skills like report writing, communication, interpersonal and leadership.

Women University Swabi Career Development Center


Women university Swabi library provide access to books, magazines, online HEC databases Library, and academic journals. Learners can also find quiet places to study at libraries, including group study areas, which offer a place for collaboration in a focused setting. While studying independently or with others, learners can also use projection tools, computer accessories, and other equipment provided by the library.

Incharge Library


Women University Swabi Career Development Center

WUS Transport

The Women University Swabi is proud to have its own fleet of buses, mini buses and vans. It operates buses that students can take from designated and convenient points in the area and its neighbourhoods. Currently transports plan covering major routes of Topi Swabi , Mardan, and Jahangira.
A detailed transport plan along with specified routes can be obtained from the Transport Office.

Women University Swabi Health Care Medical Center

Health Care

The Women University Swabi To provide first aid and medical facilities to students and faculty members, Medical Health care facility to all students and staff in a friendly and comfortable environment. The Women Medical officer staff is trained and equipped to handle routine and emergency situations.

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