Women University Swabi believes in the development of quality and compassionate human resources. In this backdrop, the University has initiated various programs for the welfare of the community and society at large. A two days mandatory social services program for its students is one of these initiatives.
This program will be helpful to inculcate values like responsibility, empathy, leadership qualities, sense of ownership and respect for the fellow human beings. The program will further bridge the gaps between the academic institutions and communities. Long lasting impact of the program will be the production of socially responsible global citizens. The social services initiatives will also help enhance the outlook of the students. Under this program, students at bachelor and master level will provide services to various under-privileged segments of the society.
The salient features of this initiative is to shape humanity, and create equity and patriotism among the students. This engagement will be the part of the degree programs both for bachelors and master; the students will be engaged with social service providers on monthly basis. As our country is prone to disasters where, unfortunately, it has faced both manmade and natural disturbances. This initiative will be providing a coping mechanism in case of emergency or in humanitarian response.


  • The students will come across people exposed to problems that how the service providers are analyzing their issues.
  • Through this enterprise, the students will not only get practical experience but it will also encourage them to breed innovative ideas.
  • The stereotypical approach of the services providers will be highlighted and suggestions made by the students to encounter it, may also be very fruitful in policy making.
  • As half of the population of the country is women, this segment of the society will play an instrumental role while creating awareness and decision making powers among the women folk.
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