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6. Department of BioChemistry

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Women University Swabi started the Department of Biochemistry in 2021. The Department of Biochemistry is committed to provide a fundamental understanding of various biological processes at molecular level. Currently, the Department offers a four-year honors bachelor degree program. The Department of Biochemistry is dedicated to provide access to the state-of-the-art undergraduate and graduate education, research and seeks to broaden the scope of its study in cellular biochemistry in humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms. We aimed to develop top-notch Biochemistry educational programs geared at giving students competitive, transferable skills that are flexible and relevant to achieving their career goals. The Department of Biochemistry is dedicated to offer an excellent education and research by engaging the students in a program of instructions that prioritizes critical thinking, rigorous and effective application of the scientific method, quantitative analysis, basic chemical, biological, and physical principles, clear and accurate written and verbal communication, and intensive hands on experimental learning activities. We are intended to offer research training and work-shop facilities in various Biochemical and Molecular Biology areas including Human Molecular Genetics, Functional Analyses, Molecular Cloning and Protein Purification, Microbiome profiling, Computational Chemistry, Microbiology, Enzymology and Clinical Biochemistry.


To be an exemplary Department in the region that excels in scientific innovation, societal relevance, and quality education while keeping strict ethical standards and pursuing a sustainable future. The Department of Biochemistry is dedicated to create a diverse, flourishing intellectual learning community among its instructors, staff, and students. In order to develop excellent instructors and the next generation of leaders in the scientific and medical communities, we want to encourage excellence in the classroom from the perspectives of both teaching and learning. Through faculty-student research collaborations, we aim to promote scientific investigations. The Department of Biochemistry is passionate about fostering and strengthening the relationship between academia and the biochemical industry sectors thereby giving students access to professional prospects.


"dvancing the understanding of the living world and improving the quality of life through improved health care, disease prevention strategies, nutrition, and environmentally friendly and sustainable farming and manufacturing practices. To give students chances to engage in real, difficult practical learning activities utilizing cutting-edge scientific methods and innovative technologies”

Department Mission

BS Biochemistry

4-Years Program (08 Semesters)

Total Credit Hours (132 Hrs)

at least 45% marks in Fsc, Pre-Medical or A-level with (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

2. Faculty Members

Dr. Sana Ullah Khan


Associate Professor

Email: sukhan3@gmail.com

Qualification: Ph.D Physical Chemistry

Dr. Farooq Ahmad

Assistant Professor


Email: =

Qualification: PhD BioChemistry, Molecular biology

Dr. Ome Kalsoom Afridi

Assistant Professor

Email: =

Qualification: MPhil

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