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9. Department of Physics


The Department of Physics, Women University Swabi is established in 2018 in the Main Campus of the University. The Department has currently started BS and MSc programs and proposes to initiate M.Phil and Ph.D programs. The Department of Physics has provided the encouraging supervision in the subject of Pure and Applied Physics and has firm commitment to bring prolific conclusions which would help to stand the female of Pakistan in the row of Advanced Countries. The Department of Physics has delivered the courage to female students in order to get higher education in the field of Physics and promote scientific research in the country. The Department is striving in order to augment the standard of Research in Physics and will produce eminent and competent Physicists. The faculty of Physics Department carries out research in the fields of Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science, Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, and Theoretical Physics.


Provision a high quality university level education in the field of physics, training of the students to gain scientific and practical skills in the field of scientific research to cope up with ongoing developments in science.


Our mission is to provide a high level university education in the various fields of physics and to develop the educational process in order to compete with global developments in science. Moreover, our mission is to produce graduates with high degrees of efficacy and competence in order to fit in the market.


  • To establish a platform for female students to obtain higher education to serve the scientific organizations in the public and private sectors of the country
  • To promote collaboration with inter disciplinary departments for enhancing the teaching and research organizations in the country
  • To arrange courses, seminars, workshops and conferences for the promotion of teaching and research.
  • To establish links with the industry to bring out quality products having essence of physics

Program Offered:

  • (BS)Physics
  • Duration: 04 Years (08 Semesters)

Faculty Members

Dr.Hamid Rahman


Associate Professor

Email: Chairperson.physics@wus.edu.pk

Qualification: PhD (Physics)

Dr.Nilem Khaliq

HOD/Assistant Professor


Qualification: PhD (Physics)

Ms. Maria Tabrez


Email: mariatabrez524@gmail.com

Qualification: MPhil Nanotech,/ Material sciences

Ms. Maria Murtaza


Email: =

Qualification: MPhil in Physics

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