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About University

We seek to inculcate love for knowledge and research among the females of KPK. We will also make the students to communicate effectively and boldly in all genres. Furthermore, we also envision students with broad horizon, empowered with the knowledge and to utilize it creatively and critically. At last, we envision students equipped with creativity and productivity so that they can be creators and researchers. To meet these objectives we will strive hard to provide the essential knowledge to the students through comprehensive and broad curriculum. . With a diverse and a comprehensive curriculum, it is made sure that the students are equipped with the best theoretical and practical knowledge during the course of their degree. The faculty endeavours hard to ensure that they do not compromise on the goals, which are:

  • To develop confidence in female students
  • To enhance students' oral and written communication skills
  • To develop students' ability to use English fluently and accurately
  • To prepare students to think critically and to view and analyze information objectively as well as subjectively
  • To develop students' ability to produce information from a variety of disciplines in order to promote independent thought and creative ideas

A bright future is waiting for you:

Decide and Apply: If you are undergraduate or graduate education aspirant in an institution where traditional values are observed then, WUS is the best choice for you. Here, you will discover;

  • Opportunities to explore yourselves
  • Qualified, devoted and enthusiastic faculty members
  • Learner centered environment
  • Feasible environment to groom your potentials and personalities
  • Healthy and productive atmosphere to participate in co curricular activities
  • Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in more than 15 disciplines.
  • Therefore, if you want to avail the chance to a bright future then visit today or call us today.

Vision Statement

Women University, Swabi intends to produce world class leaders, educationists, scientists, researchers, IT professionals, artists, social scientists, policy makers having sound knowledge, vision, integrity and moral values.

Mission Statement

The University is committed to inculcate quality education at affordable prices to its graduates, who will play vital role in building sagacious societies, dignified nations and socially responsible global community.

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