2. Department of Economics

Department of economics is one of the pioneer department in Swabi University of Women. It has been established September 2014 and starts working on 27, 2014. It offers its M.sc program successfully and will soon initiate its Bs (Hons) as well. At the Department of economics we strive to maintain emphasis on quality teaching in economic theory and quantitative methods of economic analysis & research in line with global standards of teaching and research in the field of Economics.


The M.Sc Economics is a distinctive two- year program imparting instruction and training to effectively address the need for economists in the both the public and financial sectors. The main objective of the department is to provide the students a broad based understanding of the subject, solid grasp of economic theory, analytical tools, applied economics and statistical techniques. The program design ensures instruction in core subjects in economics besides offering students a choice of specializations. Note: Specialization option will depend on student interest and staff availability. The program targets students seeking further education and enhanced training in economics and finance, in addition to acquiring the capability to conduct and evaluate research in aforementioned subjects.


To broaden the opportunity set of Pakistani female through affordable high quality education and training in the field of Economics. The Department of Economics strives towards achieving a leadership position amongst the public sector providers of higher education by broadening and deepening the access to education in Economics without compromising on quality standards of academic excellence.

Program Offered:

  • Bachelor in Economics (BS Economics)
  • Duration: 04 Years (08 Semesters)

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Faculty Members

Dr. Zia Ur Rehman


Assistant Professor

Email: =

Qualification: PhD (Economics)

Ms. Mubashera Hina


Email: =

Qualification: MPhil in Economics (UOP)

Ms. Salma Zahir


Email: =

Qualification: MPhil in Economics (UOP)

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