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Welcome to Women University Swabi, a university that is committed to empower women through higher education and provide them opportunities to work in a wide array of settings such as education, business, industry, health, and social services sectors. To me, the job of a university is not only to produce degree holders and commercially marketable human resources, but I believe it is more than that. Universities are required to produce loyal, honest and enlightened human beings who can empathetically understand the needs of society, reverentially work in both national and international community, and take better care of the future generations. Through its dynamic and sensible human resources, Universities can play an important role in building sagacious societies, respectful nations and socially responsible global community. Universities should, therefore, assist their students in developing independent and critical thinking, acquiring constructive reasoning, having respect for the ideas of others and building firm foundations of personal integrity and character. Graduates should be provided with an environment that values talent, innovation, andinmost grooming.

Education is a key source of economic growth, stability and prosperity. However, no nation can lead towards sound development without utilizing the potentials of half of its population efficiently and respectfully. The management of Women University, Swabi understands the intellect and creativity in women and appreciates the way, they are committed to their responsibilities. The university aspires young women to achieve excellence in the fields of higher education and research. The vision of this university is not only the employability and entrepreneurship of its female graduates but making them confident, helpful and having sense of integrity to contribute effectively to the socio-economic development of the country. I strongly believe that one educated woman can change the destiny of her family, more can change the society and many many more can positively influence the whole world. The University foresees its students as successful scientists, knowledgeable researchers, IT professionals, artists, social scientists, politicians and educationists to meet the challenges of the century.

Although the Women UniversitySwabi is in its infancy, but it is fully aware of the needs of higher education, multidisciplinary research and technological innovations. Currently the university offers BS- 4 years and Master programs in various disciplines of Arts, Humanities as well as Natural, Social and Management Sciences. New disciplines and MPhil/PhD programs will be introduced soon. We are dedicated to facilitate our students by providing them state of the art facilities. Efforts will be made for the timely development of physical infrastructure and research laboratories, to enhance the standards of education and to create an environment more conducive to learning.

I want to see the university to come up to the standards of top national and international universities in short time span. Collaborations with high-ranking universities of technologically advanced countries and reputable national institutions will be the priority. A rigorous internal quality assurance system will be introduced soon for continual improvement in both academic and research pursuits of the university. QEC will be made more effective to cater to the needs of quality education. Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is established to foster links between academia and industry. The establishment of Career Counselling and Job Placement Centre for our graduates, are the other important aspects of the future vision of the university. The university intends to provide scholarships to meritorious and financially constrained students. The University is also looking forward to provide a wide range of extracurricular activities, sport facilities, cultural programmes and services, for which we would definitely like to establish women community centre, sport complex and skill development centres. Vigorous trainings will be conducted to increase the efficiency of faculty, administration and supporting staff. We are also committed to make our teaching and learning modules as well as niche areas of research relevant to the indigenous need and up to the international standards. Importance will also be placed on providing opportunities within the curricula to produce world-class leaders, who would promote peace and harmony in the world. We want to continue the journey of educational excellence with sincerity, clarity and determination. This noble mission of national importance cannot be achieved by the university alone. We solicit the help of communities and Government and urge them to join hands with us. With joint efforts of the learned faculty, dedicated administration, Government functionaries and community, we hope this seat of higher learning will emerge as one of the leading institutions of Pakistan and will have a long lasting impact on the development of the country as well as empowerment of women, INSHALLAH.

May Almighty Allah bestow us with the wisdom to lead this voyage of knowledge and research.

Women University Swabi Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Nasir Jamal Khattak

Vice Chancellor

Women University Swabi.

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